Friday, December 18, 2015

Small Victories 

Some days feel as if they're the worst. Not only because that particular day has gone bad, but also because I believe it will lead to a series of bad days ahead. And where does that trail end? Exactly. You know exactly where a series of bad days end.

But I'm learning to believe in small victories. Little moments (that may very well be completely unrelated to your problems) that make you feel like a winner. Little moments that remind you: hey, I did something right.

Sometimes a small victory for me is finding my phone after losing it on silent. And other times...It's checking out the last camera the night before I really need it. Because, I'm sure many other people needed it (considering they get checked out within minutes) but I was the one that got it. So while I still have many problems that day- I now have one less thing to worry about. 

And thats how you get things started. Thats how you, for just a moment, prove you can focus on smaller things. Thats how you realize all your problems are just a series of small events that can be picked at one at a time. 

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